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Coming Clean on Chemicals

Of the over 85,000 chemicals in existence today, only a few have been tested for their impact on human health.

Household savings

Chemical concerns

Plastic waste

Products with a Purpose

We create our beautiful products to keep homes, families and our planet safer. It starts with our revolutionary microfiber that removes up to 99% of bacteria using only water when following proper care and use instructions. Shop now >

Side Gig or All in–You Decide.

Are you passionate about keeping your home safe from harmful chemicals? Do you have goals to pay off a loan or fund a dream project? Would you like a flexible schedule that includes more family time?Join Us >

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Everything You Need

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When You Believe in What You Do, It Never Feels Like Work

What our Consultants say

“I joined Norwex® without having attended a single party. I was just amazed at how well these products worked and how truly easy it was to clean! I never had any intention of growing a business, but with Norwex I have found a wonderful community, a mission I believe in and new opportunities that have significantly impacted my family.”

– Julie H., llinois

What our Consultants say

“I’ve been sharing Norwex for five years and am amazed at the personal growth, confidence, friendships and financial blessing Norwex has meant for our family. Norwex has given me and my family opportunities we wouldn’t have had otherwise, and I am so grateful!”

– Sarah C., Montana

What our Consultants say

“Witnessing the positive impact Norwex has had for my Customers’ homes and my Team Members’ lives ignited a passion to share the products and opportunity with as many people as I can. I am so thankful that I get to live my ‘WHY’ of being a stay-at-home mom, while still contributing to our household income.” prezentācijas rīkošanā”

– Sarah S., Minnesota

What our Consultants say

“When my daughter was born with medical needs, returning to my Educational Assistant job was not an option. Norwex gave me the freedom to make an income while working around my daughter’s appointments and therapies. I couldn’t have found that kind of flexibility in a better company.”

– Jaime W., Manitoba